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Davenport Receives SBA HUBZone Certification

Davenport Receives SBA HUBZone Certification

Here at Davenport Aviation, we are proud to announce that we recently received SBA HUBZone Certification. This is a huge honor for us and will help us continue in our efforts to bolster our local community and economy. Here's what you need to know about the program and how it works: 

What is a HUBZone? 

Identified by the Small Business Association (SBA), a HUBZone is a Historically Underutilized Business Zone. This means that a particular area traditionally has lower economic output than other areas and could use a bit of help in qualifying for government and other large business contracts when competing with larger firms. The goal of the program is to give these smaller businesses the foot in the door that they need to be able to compete with larger organizations. Each year, the U.S. Federal Government is required to award at least three percent of its contracts to HUBZone businesses. 

How Does a Business Qualify for the Program? 

In order to be eligible to participate in the program, businesses must meet several criteria. First of all, the company's base of operations must be within an area designated as a HUBZone. The business must also qualify as a small business under the guidelines of the SBA. The majority of the owners must be American citizens, and at least 35 percent of the company's employees must reside within the HUBZone. Once a business has verified that it meets all of the required criteria, it can begin the application process. The SBA will review the application and determine whether or not to award HUBZone status to the business. 

According to one of Davenport's owners, Leah Simoes, "This designation will enhance our ability to compete for federal contracts, which will produce more revenue and add more jobs."

What Does This Mean for Davenport Aviation? 

According to one of Davenport's owners, Leah Simoes, "This designation will enhance our ability to compete for federal contracts, which will produce more revenue and add more jobs." Going forward, this means that we will have the opportunity to complete larger aviation contracts for our government, which will, in turn, enable us to compete for other larger contracts in the global marketplace. As our company continues to grow, we'll be able to provide more jobs for residents in our local community, boosting the overall economy of the Columbus area as well. We are so proud of this opportunity to support and grow our local community and plan to continue to do so into the future. 

At Davenport Aviation, we are committed to providing high-quality aircraft parts and aviation equipment to clients all over the world. We work hard to expand our organization and firmly believe that our new HUBZone designation is the next step in helping us to continue to grow and prosper. To learn more about our services, call us today! Our associates will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our business and the HUBZone designation.