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How Davenport Aviation Began

How Davenport Aviation Began

Davenport Aviation isn’t just an aircraft supply company, but a second home to owners Leah and Joao Simoes. This couple began their journey together in Washington DC at a young age. Their ambition continued to lead them in the right direction and the two ended up starting their own business in 2009 after the recession hit. As Joao says, “we jumped into aviation and never looked back. Failure was not an option!” Leah and Joao filled us in about the company and what makes them so different from the rest. Learn a bit more about them and read their Q&A later on in the blog:

Getting to Know Joao and Leah

Leah was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and had always wanted to be a business owner. She began reading business books at a young age and was always very driven and inspired to challenge herself no matter what fears she encountered. Leah says, “I was always awake and aware to the words ‘Anything is possible.’” She always knew that she was the master of her own destiny.

Joao was born and raised in Recife Brazil (northeast coast of Brazil) and grew up barefoot on the beach and surfing. He moved to the states to try out the American life and found that it wasn’t the dream that he had envisioned it would be, but he worked hard and traveled many times across the country for work. Eventually, he met his now-wife Leah and the rest is history. The couple got married here and moved to Washington, D.C. where they started their early years together. Joao got his start at an aviation company where he first learned the business. He was always a very determined person and that has made him a winner in everything that he does.

Today they have two school-aged daughters. "We enjoy spending time together around the fire (indoors and out). We love to boat and take our dog to the park to run."

How Does Your Family Life Impact the Work Environment of Davenport Aviation?

We are a family-friendly company. We make sure that family comes first for our employees. We have a young group of employees here and many of them have young families to take care of. No matter what, when you put family first, you earn the respect of your employees because they know you care.

we are a family-friendly company. We make sure that family comes first for our employees

What Notable Awards Have You Won?

Fast 50 in 2013, 2014, and 2016. Joao earned the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013.

How Does It Feel to be a Successful Woman and Immigrant-Owned Business in the United States?

Considering it was a personal dream of both of ours, independently, I would say it feels good, because we are both realizing a lifelong goal for ourselves. 

Why Headquarter Your Business in Columbus, Ohio?

This is where I (Leah) was born and raised and where my family is. We wanted to be close to our family. As we say to our daughters: Family is everything. If you don’t have family you have nothing in this world. That is why we promote “family first” mentality and culture at our company too. There is absolutely nothing more important!

What Sets You Apart from Your Competitors?

We are multilingual, multi-cultural, global-reaching company. We offer 24/7 AOG support, door-to-door global logistics solutions, flexible payment terms, repair and overhaul management and we are AS9120 certified! (Aviation specific ISO certification – highest quality standards.)

Where Do You See Business in Five Years?

I see our business growing to the $100 million mark. I see our business adding healthy growth, adding jobs to our community, opening regional offices overseas, being a highly visible, well-respected aviation supply and support company around the globe.

At Davenport Aviation, we pride ourselves to create a positive work environment as well as assist our customers to the best of our ability. We stand out from the competition and our lifelong dream to create a business has been successful.

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